Articles by Hillel Fuld

Appboy: The First Real Social Network Within Any Mobile App

Two of the hottest and most-talked about industries in tech right now are mobile and social. The two share a lot of similarities and many have even tried to combine the two with all sorts of social layers on top of existing apps. I am referring to solutions like Game Center, OpenFeint, and others.

Flash Now Supported on iOS Devices. No, Apple Did Not Fold, Adobe Did!

Today is a big day in the lives of iOS users, but it is an even bigger day in the lives of Web publishers. From today, iOS devices are going to be able to play Adobe Flash content. In fact, to some extent, iOS devices are going to be able to play Flash better than any of the competitors including Android and QNX. For starters, the new Flash Media Server 4.5 will play Flash without the battery drain often associated with Flash, and even without slowing down the device on which it is playing. If you have watched Flash on almost any device, mobile or not, you should know what I am referring to.