Braze Donations | BKO 2022 Part 2

Take a look at the three charity options below and vote for ONE

About the Braze for Social Impact Fund

Braze has established the Braze for Social Impact Fund as part of its Pledge 1% commitment. The company has committed 1% of Braze equity over the next 10 years to a donor advised fund (DAF) that will be managed by the Tides Foundation, a public charity and fiscal sponsor working to advance progressive causes and policy initiatives. This is the first year of the fund, and Braze will be able to make contributions to various causes and organizations in fall 2022.

Learn more about Pledge 1% or if you have questions contact [email protected].

Distribution of funds:

The minimum an organization will receive is $10,000 USD regardless of votes. The remaining budget ($70,000 USD) will be split proportionally based on voting. For example: If charity one receives 5% of votes, charity two receives 55% of votes, and charity three receives 40% of votes, charity one would receive an additional $3,500 USD, charity two an additional $38,500 USD, and charity three an additional $28,000 USD.